January 22, 2018

Study Case: VR and AR as part of an omnichannel approach in the automobile industry

The car-buying public is increasingly using immersive technologies like VR and AR to facilitate their purchase decisions. Automotive retail, in particular, is seeing greater implementation of […]
January 15, 2018

Study Case: How Honda uses AR

Delivering a magical winter wonderland right to the young patients of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. There’s nothing more exciting about an emerging technology then […]
January 8, 2018

Study Case: Mastercard uses AR for retail experience

Global payments giant Mastercard has teamed up with ODG and Qualcomm to create new “AR experience” that will give shoppers more information about potential purchases, as […]
January 1, 2018

These Artists Just Remixed An Epic Tilt Brush Star Wars Painting

Six artists, one giant collaborative VR painting. We’ve already seen what’s possible when you get VR tools like Tilt Brush in the hands of artists. Whether […]