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AR App Brings Amazon Fashion & Fitness To Life

Browse Mission fitness apparel while learning the hottest workout routines from a personal trainer that fits in your pocket.

As droves of health-conscious millennials continue piling into their local gyms by the masses, it’s becoming clear that fitness has found itself at the top of this generation’s list of priorities. The movement has found its way into every part of modern culture, from business and lifestyle, to media and technology. One of its biggest influences however has been in the world of fashion. Athletic wear has quickly become one of the most prominent clothing options available for young adults whether they’re on the treadmill or on the couch.

Unveiled at a private NY event to an audience of top fashion social media influencers and bloggers, Amazon Fashion AR utilizes Apple’s ARKit platform to display a wide array of high-quality virtual workouts anywhere there’s a flat surface. iPhones and iPads with iOS 11 littered the posh NY location as guests swiped through a variety of routines performed by a tiny digital trainer.

On top of these educational AR animations, users are able to seamlessly cycle through a range of Mission brand athletic wear. Changing the product switches the outfit of your digital companion in real-time, giving you the chance to check out how that pair of Vaporactive aerial mid-rise crop leggings look mid-lunge. You can even record the action and share it with other gym rats across social media. And of course all the products displayed are available for purchase over at Amazon.

Building off their previous experience developing 360° VR and AR content, Groove Jones used an impressive system of 130 DSLR cameras to capture every conceivable angle of its talent. The result is an animation that serves as a perfect example of the high-quality photogrammetry techniques being employed by developers today.

No word yet on when Amazon Fashion AR will be made available to the public, but based on the high quality version demonstrated at their recent NY event, it’s likely we’ll be seeing this neat little AR experience sooner than later.

Source: VR Scout

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