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June 5, 2016
Rise of a new identity: Vertex VR
August 5, 2016

BIM goes Virtual: Next level architectural visualization

Almost three decades before Building Information Modeling (BIM) would go mainstream, the term “Virtual Building” was used in the earliest implementation of BIM, in my birth year 1987. Taking BIM to the next level with Virtual Reality and you’ll have game changer. Being able to step into a BIM model and experience it as if you are actually there, fully immersed inside of the building, is truly amazing. The first thing people do when they put on the Rift is to reach out trying to touch the walls or furniture they see in the virtual model, even it doesn’t really exist. It’s an almost involuntary reaction, which I think that says a lot about how immersed they are. They really do feel as if they’re occupying a completely different place.
What’s powerful about VR is that it gives a sense of scale, especially ceiling height. Making any type of change once a building is under construction is extremely expensive and time-consuming. By utilizing BIM coupled with virtual reality, we offer clients the ability to make changes virtually for free well before actual construction has begun.
The ability to convert the traditional 3D BIM models seamlessly into the virtual reality space is done using Unity or Unreal Engine. Virtual reality will soon become the norm when designing and constructing a building. It will allows your team to make smarter decisions, in a shorter period of time, gives you the ability to share it with clients, architects and stakeholders which will accelerate project schedule from design to completion.
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