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September 28, 2016
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Dubai developers use virtual reality to market properties

Even in Dubai they are using VR to market their properties. Read on below..

Customers don’t have to be dependent on floor plans anymore when buying a new or off-plan property. At Cityscape Global in Dubai, developers were seen using virtual reality and transparent screens with moving images of their projects.

Dubai Properties’ latest project Bellevue Towers in Burj Khalifa district is available on virtual reality. A customer can see the apartment, the view and it feels like you are doing a tour in reality, as you can walk from one room to the other.

Marwan Al Kindi, executive director sales at Dubai Properties, said: “We want to give our customers a real experience. There is still a floor plan, which is the classic option, but this is a cherry on the cake.

“In Dubai we have more than 200 nationalities and there’s a high demand from international customers to buy property and using virtual reality helps us to show them an apartment, villa or townhouse in a 3-D format, where they get the real feel of the project.”

Skai Global Holdings also showcased an apartment project based in Dubai using virtual reality. A huge screen on the stand would show what you could see in the VR glasses.

Aloki Batra, Managing Director of Skai Global Holdings, said: “The biggest fear for any customer buying an off-plan property is to really understand what the final product will be.

“We rendered our product in a virtual reality atmosphere, so that we can get the customers to immerse themselves in a living room or a bedroom. What people in Dubai are really concerned about is the view and if you can recreate the view, it gives the customer a better idea of the location and the project itself.”

Skai Global Holdings plans to tie-up with a technology provider from Silicon Valley next year to create a living experience and further use technology in its marketing plan.

Nakheel had transparent screens with images of its various projects that can be moved, flicked and zoomed.

Aqil Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer at Nakheel, said: “Creativity is an integral part of what we are trying to do over here at Cityscape. We are open to ideas when it comes to using technology.

“Virtual reality is something we are very strongly considering right now and every event and project we have, you’ll see new technology being adopted in our plans.”

Source: 7days.ae