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Going Inside of Your Body with The Human Anatomy Atlas AR app

Probably the most impressive of the Visible Body apps is the Human Anatomy Atlas. Updated annually, the 2018 version, most recently updated last month, is the first version of the app that allows AR interaction, becoming the first and so far the only Visible Body AR app.

When using the augmented reality app, interactive 3D models appear on any flat surface that the mobile device is pointed at. Moving the device through the model moves through different layers or cross-sections of the model from gross anatomy to the micro-anatomy of special organs.

The 3D models can be accompanied by texts and can be viewed next to illustrations and photographs to help the user better understand the material.


Requirements and Features

The Human Anatomy Atlas AR appCompatible with Android 5 or iOS 11 and higher, this AR app takes up just over a GB of space and costs $25.

That’s a lot more space than the average educational augmented reality app, (and quite a bit more money), so putting it on your phone might be a stretch, especially if you don’t have a high-end phone or expanded memory, or if this isn’t the only AR app that you like to play with on your device. Keep in mind that the Atlas wasn’t designed as an AR app, and that you’re getting a lot more content with it than with those other apps.

Reviews of the AR app on Google Play and The App Store both tend toward positive, though some users mention glitching or lag that is likely due to the size of the app, and may not be a problem on devices with more memory. After all, that reviewer didn’t describe what kind of device they were using or what their storage was like. If I installed an app this big on my phone it would probably explode, but the tablet that I use for work could take it just fine even though my tablet has a lot more on it than my phone.

Favorite features of the older versions of the app can also be used on a desktop or laptop, though components of the AR app do not carry over.

Fortunately, the app can be shared on up to six devices so that some components can be used on a mobile device and the other tools for tasks like creating presentations and taking notes, can be used on a larger device.


Resources for Educators

Visible Body also has special tools and offers for educators who would like to make this augmented reality app and Visible Body’s four other apps a part of their curriculum.

These resources include additional recommendations for compiling courses, material for creating assignments and labs, and other content.

There are also versions of the app for organizations but the Human Body Atlas AR app has not yet been released for groups.

The Human Anatomy Atlas AR appSource: ARpost

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