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Your Guide to the Best 360° Film Content on Youtube

A curated list of all amazing things on Youtube.

As Google Cardboard and other VR headsets become more popular, 360° film content is becoming a high-demand commodity. #360YouTube is a great source to utilize, whether browsing with your mouse or navigating with your VR headset.

Here are our top choices for #360YouTube for your Google Cardboard enjoyment:

The Displaced

The best VR documentary piece we have yet to see was recently released by the New York Times. These dudes hopped on the VR train early on and delivered Google Cardboard headsets to their subscriber base. In conjunction with the cardboard, they also released their first piece, The Displaced, produced in conjunction with VR storytelling experts VRSE. Disclaimer: this 11 minute piece is powerful and may cause tears!

Act in Paris hosted by Jared Leto

Jared Leto has teamed up with the rad activist organization RYOT and the Sierra Club to produce Act in Paris – a documentary style 360° piece tracking the effects global warming has had upon glaciers in Alaska. This eye-opening piece has some dramatic undertones, to say the least.

Say Blue Music Video

Not many folks have pulled off ‘sexy’ in 360° very well. Fashion designer Gina Triscot has not only embarked on the sexy vibe, but she has conquered it with her music video Say Blue featuring Say Lou Lou. This music video utilizes the full 360° scope in a really unique and dynamic way: you see the history of two individuals romantic relationships unfold, blossom and dissolve in different parts of the screen. If you like sexy and serene, you’ll love this vid.

Get Barreled in Tahiti with World Surf League

One rad perk to virtual reality is that it takes on adventures we wouldn’t otherwise be able to go on, or do things many of us are unable to do – like surf! World Surf League has been kind of enough to provide us with this rad surf experience on some killer waves in Tahiti. The soundtrack is very fitting and overall it’s a fun ride.

Heroes in 360

What’s going to make virtual reality attractive to the broadest amount of people? Humor. Everyone loves a good laugh and Heroes Reborn have done a really cool job incorporating humor into their Heroes in 360 bits. With the utilization of a bit of slapstick comedy and a play on the contemporary TV show Heroes, these shorts make for a good time.

World Tour by JUMP

Not all of us can afford to travel the world, so JUMP VR is bringing the world to us! This short piece – World Tour – has a great soundtrack as we are transported to some rad locations around the world including Yellowstone National Park, a glacier national park, a tram in China, a satellite and more. This is a fun 360° journey.

School of Rock: The Musical

We here at VR Dribble are huge evangelists of virtual reality lending itself more to theatrical devices than film. Therefore, it seems a natural fit for a theatrical scene to be filmed in 360° – and what better than School of Rock the Musical? Whoever this dude is playing Jack Black’s character pulls if off well and it’s overall just a fun, and musical, piece.


This film has been getting a lot of attention in the last month. This is a fun comedy about a group of friends that find a piece of technology that transports, or rather ‘telportales’ them from location to location. This group, PAVR (popcorn VR) overcomes some of the obstacles prominent with filming in 360° in creative ways. For instance, it has seemed difficult for viewers to experience cuts in 360°. Teleportaled utilizes lightning to transition you from location to location, thus making transitions smoother.  Another challenge is getting viewers to look where you want them to, since they’ve got the option of looking in any direction. PAVR deals well with this by keeping the scenes brief, direct and flashy. Actors always stay in one spot, which also helps you navigate the world’s Teleportaled takes you to. Overall, a great 360° experience. We’re excited to see what else PAVR comes out with!

RYOT: Swimming with Wild Dolphins VR

Ever had a desire to swim with a pod of wild dolphins in the ocean? Tracking down dolphins may seem a difficult task, so nonprofit RYOT has brought the experience to you. Experience swimming with these intelligent and emotional creatures in 360° and then sign RYOT’s petition to boycott dolphin in captivity performances. This is a nonprofit with an important vision who is using VR to provide unique and powerful experiences to viewers.


Way ahead of the curve, Belgium music festival Tomorrowland created a promotional video using 360° technology and covered the full experience of being an attendee. They utilize heavy cuts in the making of the video, but the immersive shots, music and vibe are overall enjoyable. This is one of the most viewed 360° videos online, with currently 6 million views.


Legendary has created a 360° digital film inspired by Warcraft the movie that is simply stunning. The graphics are amazing, the sound effects are life-like and the experience of flying through the world of Azeroth is unique and gripping. A very cool experience no matter what headset you’re using.

Star Wars – 360° Virtual Reality

PipocaVFX Productions created this fun digital 360° experience in which the viewer is a mouse droid and weaves its way through a group gathering with Storm Troopers and Darth Vader. This is a unique take on a familiar movie scene.


Dimension Gate has created a horror series that utilize suspense and immersion as their fear devices. If you’re looking for cheap thrills and cool horrific graphics, check this series out. The acting is convincing, the suspense is believable and there are plenty surprises that catch you as you rotate your gaze in these 360° experiences.

What Happens Inside Your Body?

Let virtual host Blocko with Life Noggin take you on a virtual tour of the human body in 360°. This education video teaches us how our insides are structured, how the internal body functions and how it all fits together. This is a fun and immersive approach to learning.

Foals Mountain at My Gates Music Video

Foals utilizes some cool devices within this film, primarily the use of stitching images together of different time sequences, to make it seem as though the band mates are all around you in 360°. The setting and visuals make this a fun video to watch.

Barcelona City Guide

These cool cats from Visyon take us on a tour of Barcelona, (one of the greatest cities of Europe!) utilizing 360°. This allows you to navigate the scenes they’re touring through with much more detail than any other medium. The tour guide is adorable and gives us a comprehensive scope of the beautiful sites of Barcelona.

For other great 360° videos, please download the Vrse and Jaunt apps. These sources don’t release their content on #360YouTube, but they’ve created 360° films not to be missed!

So tell me, what is your fave?

Source: VRdribble