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Madison Fire works on virtual reality program for fire safety education

Madison Fire and Rescue is taking fire education to another level. A new program is underway for citizens who want to learn and practice how to beat fires.

Officials want people to have a more interactive experience when it comes to fire education.

“We are working on developing a virtual reality fire educational program for our students here and our citizens here in Madison,” said Captain Michael Sedlacek.

Collaborating with a local company called Light Bulb Education, they’re developing a software that sets up six different fire safety scenarios in a virtual setting.

“We’ll be able to reach all demographics in our city. We’ll have everything from an apartment, all the way to a two-story home so that everybody can relate to the software and to the education,” said Captain Sedlacek.

Participants put on the headset and use the controllers to take on tasks like putting out a kitchen fire, checking fire alarms or even finding exits so you can escape the burning building. There will also be an option to experience the program in 2-D on a computer.

“Normally we just talk to the students.”

This new program uses the advanced technology we have at our fingertips to get a real life look at how to tackle fire emergencies.

“If you’re seeing it, hearing it and you’re doing it, it reinforces the learning objectives so much better.”

Madison Fire says it’s going to take the next few months to fully develop the program. They hope to launch the program this fall.


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